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Cybersecurity: No Longer Just For Regulated Businesses

June 12, 2019 / ArkansasBusiness

If you’re not already operating under some form of regulation, you soon will be. In fact, you probably are already, know it or not. But whether your business is highly regulated or not, your business is at risk and could benefit from taking a more security conscious approach. We all understand the fundamentals of business and the importance of customer service, quality in operations and accuracy in accounting. They all play a role in the sustainability of our firms. But now there’s a new required skill in this mix; the 21st Century version of these core competencies: cybersecurity. Businesses that have to follow existing regulations understand the need for security. The health care sector, for example, has HIPAA and the HITECH regulations to protect patient privacy in the age of digital patient records, while the credit card industry has PCI regulations intended to protect cardholder information.