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Cybersecurity Regulations Under the Trump Administration: Financial Services, part 1

January 03, 2017 / bobsguide

Zenedge speaks with a financial market cyber security and compliance expert about her outlook under the Trump administration in this first of a multi-part series on cyber-security issues for key industry verticals. ZENEDGE Chief Marketing Officer Karen Bertoli Interviews Joanna Fields Chief Executive of Aplomb Strategies. Ranking among his highest stated priorities, President-Elect Donald J. Trump’ vision for our national cyber security is, to be fair, emerging, and details of its shape and implementation are dependent upon his cabinet selections, which also are currently being determined.  How he will balance his desire to dismantle regulations, which he believes are hampering innovation and economic growth, with what he perceives as a mandate to increase cyber security, will be fascinating, especially in light of recent successful attacks on San Francisco’s public transit authority, the Democratic National Committee, and formal accusations by the United States that R...