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Device Authentication Services for IoT Cybersecurity to Reach $8.4 Billion in Revenues by 2026

July 06, 2020 / PR Newswire

By 2026, IoT connections will exceed 23 billion across all major IoT markets. Almost all those connections will be faced with incessant and constantly evolving cyber-threats, forcing implementers and IoT vendors to embrace new digital security options to protect managed fleets and connected assets. Secure device authentication currently stands among the top-tier investment priorities for key IoT markets. Global tech market advisory firm, ABI Research, expects that hardware focused IoT authentication services will reach US$8.4 billion in revenues by 2026. "There are several key technologies revolving around authentication security that currently transform the IoT device value chain. Chief elements among them revolve around IoT identity issuance, provisioning, authentication, encryption key lifecycle management, access management and attestation," explains Dimitrios Pavlakis, Industry Analyst at ABI Research. These are the prime focus of IoT vendors who capitalize on the e...