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Docker Responds to Data Breach and Outlines the Container Future

March 01, 2019 / Sean Michael Kerner

The elephant or rather the whale in the room at DockerCon this week, was the data breach of the Docker Hub, first disclosed on April 26. During a keynote address and in a private press session at DockerCon on May 1, Docker executives provided a formal response to the data breach, which impacted 190,000 accounts. The data breach response wasn't the only thing announced by Docker Inc on day two of DockerCon, as the company behind the eponymous container technology also announced new technology efforts including service mesh integration. "There are bad actors in the world and we had a security incident and we have resolved that issue," Docker CEO Steven Singh said during the media session. Docker Inc. is the lead commercial sponsor behind the open-source Docker container technology that enables developers to build, package and deploy applications as containers. The Docker Hub is a popular repository for Docker users to find freely available Docker application images to run.