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Don't neglect your cyber hygiene: Six steps to keep information safe

May 09, 2019 / Brad Thies

Just as you can't just show up to the dentist one time in your life and expect to prevent cavities forever, the same is true for cybersecurity. It should be a continuous process, not a one-time gap assessment or penetration test. Because new threats are emerging every day, businesses must continually hone their defences while maintaining best practices. For example, ransomware is a prevalent threat and could result in an irretrievable loss of important data. But with the right “cyber hygiene” — in this case, daily data backups — its harm can be greatly mitigated. By implementing the right defence, businesses can stave off the most easily preventable attacks, allowing them to focus on developing more sophisticated measures to protect against the cleverest new threats. Six cybersecurity hygiene steps to keep systems safe. Of course, cybersecurity hygiene goes far beyond just backing up one’s data. There are a number of key approaches every business shoul...