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Drones pose cyber-security and privacy threats, says report

March 28, 2019 / SmartCitiesWorld news team

Without new safeguards, the growing use of drones in populated areas brings significant risks that could result in attacks by "malicious entities" An open-skies policy that allow drones to fly over populated areas pose significant risks in terms of security and privacy within society, a new study warns. And without additional safeguards, could result in attacks by malicious entities and be exploited for use in cyber-attacks, terrorism, crime and invasion of privacy the research report, Security and Privacy Challenges in the Age of Drones, from Ben-Gurion University (BGU) and Fujitsu System Integration Laboratories, evaluates 200 academic and industry techniques designed to detect and disable drones flying in both unrestricted and restricted areas. US government proposal. Its findings coincide with the US government proposal to allow civilian drone flights with new security rules that permit deliveries and other commercial uses in populated areas.