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ENISA Reinforced as EU Cybersecurity Agency to Steer New Act

June 27, 2019 / Dan Raywood

The EU Cybersecurity Act (CSA) comes into force from today, establishing an EU framework for cybersecurity certification under a reinforced and rebranded ENISA. Originally proposed in 2017 as part of a wide-ranging set of measures to deal with cyber-attacks and to build strong cybersecurity in the EU, the Cybersecurity Act includes: A permanent mandate for the ENISA to replace its limited mandate that would have expired in 2020, as well as more resources allocated to the agency to enable it to fulfill its goals. A stronger basis for ENISA in the new cybersecurity certification framework to assist member states in effectively responding to cyber-attacks with a greater role in cooperation and coordination at Union level. In addition, ENISA will help increase cybersecurity capabilities at the EU level to support capacity building and preparedness as part of its new title of the EU Cybersecurity Agency. This will see ENISA become an independent center of expertise that will help promote aw...