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Ethical Hackers: The Good Guys Protecting You before the Bad Guys Strikea

May 08, 2019 / SUPRIYA R

Ethical hackers are essentially the good individuals who put themselves in the shoes of a hacker to find out where an organisation’s vulnerability lies before shady elements strike Digital Transformation is a phenomenon that nearly every IT organisation that exists is onboard with it. When it comes to digital, one of the most intriguing aspects, which is now gaining prominence is cyber security. Unlike earlier, IT companies understand the importance of data privacy and having a strong cyber security fabric in an organization. Despite that, breaches and hacking incidents are often in the news. This makes one wonder as to why companies get breached despite having a strong cyber security system in place? The answers to this is that the hackers, widely referred to as the black hats or bad guys, are highly motivated because there is a lot of money involved in hacking. Nevertheless, the ethical hackers at Deloitte Cyber Intelligence Centre are putting themselves in the shows of the hac...