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FHIR, cloud, pop health and social determinants spark new security challenges

March 20, 2019 / Beth Jones Sanborn

With increasing buzz around population health and social determinants of health, those two forces are poised to change philosophies around care delivery and how a hospital or health system works to keep the surrounding community healthy. While that likely means good things for patients and outcomes, it also drives more sharing, more data and more risk of losing your privacy. There is also a big push for increasing a patient’s autonomy around their personal health information and the access they have to it, especially via personal devices which are likely to be used in the future to communicate directly with providers, if they aren’t already. There is also the continued push toward interoperability and the use of AI and machine learning. David Finn, EVP of Strategic Innovation for CynergisTek, said that while all these things carry huge potential to positively impact healthcare delivery, they also create new dimensions of risk when it comes to cybersecurity.