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Find out how threat hunting helps in proactively countering cyber attacks

June 06, 2019 / Shomiron Dasgupta Print this article Font size -16

Threat hunting isn’t new, but the importance of its practical use in countering cyberthreats is recent.  We’ve seen that companies’ awareness of threat hunting is increasing over time. However, a lack of attention given to cyberthreats, arising out of budget, expertise and staffing constraints, has led to an increase in the number of successful malware attacks. Hence, countering them has become more and more challenging. What is threat hunting and what distinguishes it from threat detection? In cybersecurity, threat hunting is a systematic process for detecting advanced threats in an organization's network. In simple terms, the goal is to detect any intruders that may be lurking in the network. On average, intruders have access to networks for more than 220 days before being detected. Often, the ones notifying the organizations about them are credit card companies or law enforcement agencies. Threat hunting is about proactively seeking out these lurkers, inst...