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FireEye stock pops on news of Facebook, Google findings

August 23, 2018 / Kate Fazzini

Cybersecurity giant FireEye rose as much as 8 percent Thursday on news it has contracted with both Facebook and YouTube to help spot disinformation campaigns. The stock closed up nearly 6 percent at market close. According to The New York Times, FireEye executives tipped Facebook off to an Iranian disinformation campaign, which led to further discoveries of other campaigns from both Iran and Russia. Google said in a statement Thursdaythat FireEye, working with Google's own internal threat analysis divisions, also helped spot Iranian influence operations in its YouTube and email products. "We're grateful to FireEye for identifying some suspicious Google accounts (three email accounts, three YouTube channels, and three Google+ accounts), which we swiftly disabled," according to a blog post by Kent Walker, Google vice president for global affairs.