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First Ever DoS Cyber-Attack On A US Power Grid Detailed In Startling Report

September 08, 2019 / Chris Harper

On March 5th, 2019, an unprecedented Denial of Service (DoS) cyberattack occurred on American soil, targeted at the US power grid. This attack mainly affected the Western United States, and was a fortunately low-impact attack. No blackouts were caused, and the machines in question were out of commission for no more than five minutes, according to the North American Electric Reliability Corp, or NERC. Even so, this leaves a historical mark on American infrastructure, and clearly demonstrates the dangers of increased connectivity. A simple firewall vulnerability was enough to cause multiple devices to be compromised and rebooted from a single point of failure. While the impact this time around was minimal, this could have gone much worse. According to NERC's report, this problem was caused by outdated firmware. A firmware fix to patch the vulnerability that allowed this attack to happen had been released prior to the attack, but internal processes had been too lax to ensure that patc...