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Five similarities between climate change and cyber security

January 30, 2020 / DQINDIA ONLINE

Climate change and cyber security are the top threats to humans and businesses today. These two threats have a lot in common and the policies to govern one can work well for the other. There are many parallels between the two realms. Here we take a look at the five common grounds. Everyone is affected: Like it or not, no individual is immune to changes that happen in the environment or to the cyber threats that are increasing every day. Climate change and cyber threats are now global phenomena, which affect people across geographies. Human beings have always depended on nature for everyday resources like water and energy. This dependence will continue forever. Similarly, our dependence on everything digital is increasing, which will only increase in the future.
No limit to usage: Mother nature provides each of us with abundant natural resources without placing a limit on the amount one can potentially use. This has led to the exploitation of the natural resources to such an exte...