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Flaw in SymCrypt Can Trigger DDoS

June 12, 2019 / Kacy Zurkus

A vulnerability in the SymCrypt cryptographic library of Microsoft's OS can trigger a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) disruption in Windows 8 servers and above, causing a perpetual operation "when calculating the modular inverse on specific bit patterns with bcryptprimitives!SymCryptFdefModInvGeneric," according to Tavis Ormandy, a Google researcher. “I noticed a bug in SymCrypt, the core library that handles all crypto on Windows. It's a DoS, but this means basically anything that does crypto in Windows can be deadlocked (s/mime, authenticode, ipsec, iis, everything). Microsoft committed to fixing it in 90 days, then didn't,” Ormandy tweeted. Now that we’ve entered into the 91st day, Ormandy has gone public with what he said is a relatively low severity bug. “I've been able to construct an X.509 certificate that triggers the bug. I've found that embedding the certificate in an S/MIME message, authenticode signature, schannel c...