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Google Boosts Cloud Security, Transparency and Identity

April 10, 2019 / Sean Michael Kerner

The way Google sees it, one of the primary ways to grow cloud adoption is by increasing trust and security in the cloud. At its Google Next event on April 10, Google announced new and enhanced services that look to improve security in the cloud as well as provide better security and transparency of the Google Cloud platform itself. Among the enhanced services announced at Google Next is the Cloud Security Command Center dashboard, Access Transparency, Security Health Analytics and Policy Intelligence for cloud workloads. "Overall, our mission here is to build the most trusted cloud," Michael Aiello, director of product management for Cloud Security at Google Cloud, said during a briefing with press. The security announcements come on the second day of the Google Next conference. The first day of the event was marked by the launch of new managed open-source service offerings and the general availability of the Anthos, Google Cloud Services’ multi-cloud offering. Among th...