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Google Nest Security Cam Bugs Allow Device Takeover

August 19, 2019 / Tara Seals

Eight vulnerabilities would allow a range of attacker activities, including taking the Nest camera offline, sniffing out network information and device hijacking. Multiple vulnerabilities in Google’s Nest Cam IQ connected indoor security camera would allow an attacker on the same network to take over the device, execute code on it and/or take it offline. Nest Labs’ Cam IQ Indoor integrates security-enhanced Linux in Android, Google Assistant and facial recognition all into a compact security camera, according to Cisco Talos, whose Lilith Wyatt and Claudio Bozzato discovered the bugs. “It primarily uses the Weave protocol for setup and initial communications with other Nest devices over TCP, UDP, Bluetooth and 6lowpan,” they explained in a Monday write-up. “Most of these vulnerabilities lie in the weave binary of the camera, however, there are some that also apply to the weave-tool binary.” There are eight vulnerabilities total; three of them are deni...