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HackerOne Paid $500k in Bug Bounties at DEF CON

September 05, 2018 / Kacy Zurkus

Celebrating the success of this year’s live hacking event, HackerOne (H1) recently announced that more than $500,000 was paid in bounties during the third annual h1-702 at DEF CON 26 in Las Vegas last month. More than 75 hackers from over 20 countries hacked five targets (including the United States Marine Corps) over the course of five days. Introduced back in August 2016 by a small group of HackerOne staff members hosting a contest over three days and nights, the live hacking event has blossomed into H1-702 2018, a five-night event that earned hackers half a million dollars combined. Additionally, hackers received a custom swag buffet for each night, which included 15,000 items.