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Hackers are Using Coronavirus Maps to Spread Malware

March 17, 2020 / Ali Raza

Hackers have been using the fear of the coronavirus to spread an infection of their own in the form of malware that has been discovered within coronavirus tracking maps. [TechRadar] This marks yet another way that bad actors have taken advantage of the fears of the current virus outbreak, which is already disrupting businesses around the world on its own. As usual, cybercriminals are using any confusion, fear, resulting in chaos to capitalize on people’s fears. This is not even the first time something like this was done — back in January of this year, hackers launched a coronavirus-based email campaign to infect people with malware. Now, they have expanded their reach and are using online maps for the same purpose. Shai Alfasi, from Reason Labs, recently reported that hackers are creating fake versions of such maps and dashboards to steal information. They are after data including passwords and user names, credit card numbers, and any other sensitive data that they can col...