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Hackers Are Using Google Analytics to Steal Your Credit Card Information

June 29, 2020 / Roger Montti

Hackers are using Google Analytics to steal credit cards, passwords, IP addresses... basically everything shared with a hacked site. An investigation by Kaspersky Lab has uncovered a new hacking technique that uses Google Analytics to steal credit card numbers, user agents, IP addresses, passwords… basically everything. This isn’t an exploit in Google Analytics itself. Hackers are exploiting the trusted status given to Google Analytics by all browsers in order to steal information from hacked sites by using Google Analytics as a way to transfer that data. Kaspersky’s report noted that the exploit is stealing everything that is shared with the affected website, including credit card information but presumably that means password information as well. The exploit apparently steals “everything” from passwords, name and address, credit cards and even the personal information of the person sharing their information.