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Hackers may glean your password by listening to how you type on your phone

July 07, 2019 / HAMZA SHABAN

That’s the startling premise of a recent study by researchers at Cambridge University and Sweden’s Linköping University who were able to glean passwords by deciphering the sound waves generated by fingers tapping on smartphone touch screens. Malicious actors can decode what a person is typing by using a spying app that can access the smartphone’s microphone, according to the study, which was first reported by The Wall Street Journal. “We showed that the attack can successfully recover PIN codes, individual letters and whole words,” the researchers wrote. A passive, sound-based attack could be executed if a person installs an app infected with such malware. “Many apps ask for this permission and most of us blindly accept the list of demanded permissions anyway,” the researchers wrote. Attackers also could also provide their target with a smartphone to which the malicious app was pre-installed. The researchers designed a machine-learning alg...