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Half of organisations lack enough security talent to be secure

March 19, 2019 / Sead Fadilpasic

Those thinking artificial intelligence (AI) will steal their jobs need not worry – the software is only filling the blanks, at the moment. And the blanks, at least when it comes to cybersecurity, are quite large. According to the latest Trend Micro figures, organisations worldwide are faced with an ‘ongoing and often detrimental’ shortage of cybersecurity talent. Obviously, every company needs to stay secure, so these companies that can’t find fitting staff are turning towards AI solutions. They’re looking at automation technology, training programs, outsourcing detection and prevention. The report is based on a poll of 1,125 IT decision-makers all over the world. It claims that more than two thirds of organisations (69 per cent) agree that automating cybersecurity tasks with AI reduces the problems that stem from the lack of available talent in the field. At the same time, roughly the same percentage (64 per cent) experienced increased cybersecurity threa...