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Healthcare IT pros now confident in their cyber attack response ability

May 10, 2019 / Help Net Security

Almost two years since the ransomware attack that brought the NHS (National Health Service) to a halt, healthcare IT professionals feel more confident in their ability to respond to a cyber-attack, according to new research from Infoblox. As healthcare providers continue to undertake digital transformation initiatives in an effort to improve efficiencies and the quality of care they deliver, the risk of falling victim to cyber attack increases. Infoblox commissioned a survey of healthcare IT professionals in the UK, US, Germany and the Benelux Union to gauge the preparedness of the industry to tackle cyberthreats two years on from the WannaCry attack in May 2017. The research reveals that 92 percent of healthcare IT professionals are now confident in their organization’s ability to respond to a cyber-attack, compared to only 82 percent two years ago. More than half (56%) have automated systems in place that actively scan their networks for suspicious activity, and around a third ...