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Hiring, Threats and Budget Cause Biggest Security Headaches

February 28, 2019 / Dan Raywood

The three biggest challenges faced by IT professionals relate to threats, hiring and budget.. According to a survey of 1500 IT professionals by LogRhythm, the top challenges were divided as follows: Inability to detect the full range of threats – 34%. Difficulty in finding skilled cyber professionals for their teams – 34%. Limited budget to invest in cyber defense – 33%. As well as that, only 15% of UK enterprises claim that they are "confident in their ability to defend themselves in increasingly sophisticated threat landscape." LogRhythm VP and managing director for EMEA Ross Brewer told Infosecurity that this is "indicative of where the market is at" and that there is a common "false sense of security" around defense, and belief on what is going to protect them. In terms of the three challenges, Brewer said that there is a need for UK government to find a way to resolve the shortage of people ready for work in cybersecurity, and to res...