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How SMBs can bolster cybersecurity efforts

March 11, 2019 / Michael Kassner

Keeping current with cyberthreats is an imposing logistics problem facing small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)—cybercriminals are constantly changing their tactics. If something stops working or fails to provide sufficient return for their effort, the bad guys move on. That may work well for the criminal element, but how are those in charge of cybersecurity at a SMB supposed to know when that happens, and, more importantly, whether the company's cybersecurity platform is adequate? The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) offers WSJ Pro Cybersecurity, a program designed for small businesses. In addition, the WSJ hosts a bi-annual forum that briefs company executives on existing cyber risks, ranging from protecting data and staying compliant, to defending their business and responding should a crisis emerge. Olivia Berkman, writing for Financial Executives International, in her article Cybersecurity: Building a Plan for the Unknown reports what experts at the most recent forum sugges...