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How to defend your organization against the latest malware, botnets and security exploits

February 05, 2020 / Lance Whitney

Organizations received a type of holiday gift during the fourth quarter of 2019 as the volume of malware and other security threats declined. However, employees returning to work after the new year presented a fresh target for cybercriminals to launch their attacks. In its Quarterly Threat Landscape Report, the security provider Nuspire discusses the threats that marked the final quarter of 2019 and offers advice on how organizations can defend themselves against these threats. For last quarter, Nuspire detected 3.1 million different samples of malware. That level was a 22% drop in detections from the third quarter, but it still added up to 35,000 malware variants detected per day. Among these, the Emotet trojan was the top offender as attackers varied their delivery and social engineering tactics to keep users guessing.