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How to manage security threats to mobile devices

July 03, 2018 / Kristen Gloss

As mobile device security threats increase, IT administrators should know what they are up against and develop strategies to secure mobile devices from cyberattacks. From beginning mobile app development to protecting end users, IT pros need to understand, address and educate on security threats to mobile devices. When it comes to mobile security, end users know not to click on questionable content. But beyond that, they are typically left in the dark. Despite the fact that mobile devices can be at as much risk as PCs, people feel they are safer. As a result, IT pros need to work to secure mobile devices from any angle where there could be a threat. What to know during app development. The best way to handle security threats to mobile devices is to prevent them from happening altogether. By integrating security measures into app development, IT pros can protect their app and organization from risking stolen information. If developers integrate security measures later, it can disrupt th...