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HP aims to secure its PC portfolio with Sure Sense malware blocker

April 16, 2019 / Natalie Gagliordi

HP on Tuesday announced a bevy of PC updates and new features, as well as the formal release of HP Sure Sense, the company's new software that uses AI to prevent and block malware in near-real-time, including ransomware and previously unknown malware. HP says Sure Sense is different from other market offerings because it uses deep learning to understand what malware looks like and shuts down threats in seconds. The deep learning engine boils down terabytes of data into a lightweight agent that's installed directly on notebooks to scan for malware with minimal impact on PC resources. HP said Sure Sense is 99 percent effective for catching malware, including malware that was created just yesterday, and requires minimal updates. It also has behavioral detection in the system, meaning that it looks for ransomware behavior and blocks it if it sees something happening with rapid encryption of files. The platform also works offline, according to HP.