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Identify and Protect your Very Attacked People

June 05, 2019 / Dan Raywood

Identify and protect your “very attacked people” (VAP) as attackers look for high value targets. Speaking at Infosecurity Europe in London, Paul Down, senior director of Proofpoint said that when attackers look to get information or money, a year ago they would do a mass email campaign and use automated bots. However this year they are not, and instead of emailing “info@” addresses, campaigns are now more well researched and targeted. Down said that VAPs are typically “high value executives” such as the CEO who do not have high levels of account privilege, but do have access to financial information. Meanwhile a “high access user” has sign off on accounts and information, and a target for value or information for the attacker. The top 20 email addresses for a VAP are typically led by a PR manager, as they are very public and listed on every website. “They go for PR@, or accounts@, or sales@ as they have a wide distribution list, and...