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Intersecting Machine Learning and Cybersecurity

May 07, 2019 / WIREs Authors

The technologies for Cyber Security and Machine Learning intersect in many ways. The objectives of cyber security technologies are to detect cyber-attacks, to thwart them, and—in case stopping an attack is not possible—monitoring system activities to detect an on-going attack before damage has been caused, localizing the source, and maintaining system functionalities while remediation actions are applied.  Monitoring is a prerequisite to detection and is used to collect data from various sensors and system activities, and to detect anomalies using machine learning techniques. Malware detection, for instance, may be done effectively through supervised or semi-supervised machine learning based models. Intrusion detection by analyzing system activities, network traffic, and sensor measurements is often done using supervised and un-supervised machine learning based models. In a WIREs Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery review, the authors discuss a few examples from cyber ...