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K2 Cyber Security Takes Deterministic Approach to Threat Detection

February 20, 2019 / Sean Michael Kerner

There are a lot of cyber-security startups that make use of artificial intelligence to help organizations detect new threats, but K2 Cyber Security isn't one of them. K2 officially emerged from stealth on Feb. 20 along with its cloud workload security platform that takes a deterministic real-time approach to help prevent threats, as well as protect organizations with workload isolation. Determinism is all about being able to repeat the same activity in the same way, which is enabled on the K2 platform with a technology the company refers to as Optimized Control Flow Integrity (CFI). "Most of the security solutions out there are either behavior-based, machine learning or AI-related, but what we accomplished is a completely new vector of how to stop an attacker from exploiting your vulnerabilities, and this is where optimized control flow integrity comes into play," Pravin Madhani, co-founder and CEO of K2 Cyber Security, told eWEEK.