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Knowing Value of Data Assets is Crucial to Cybersecurity Risk Management

December 03, 2018 / Kevin Townsend

Understanding the value of corporate assets is fundamental to cybersecurity risk management. Only when the true value is known can the correct level of security be applied. Sponsored by DocAuthority and based on Gartner's Infonomics Data Valuation Model, Ponemon Institute queried 2,827 professionals across the U.S. and UK to gauge how different business functions value different information assets. The business functions included in the research comprise IT security, product & manufacturing, legal, marketing & sales, IT, finance & accounting, and HR. These groups were asked to put a financial cost to the hypothetical loss of 36 different information types on a per record basis -- such as R&D, M&A documents, source code and customer contracts. The results show a consistent and sometimes marked difference in value perception between different business functions.