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Less than half of businesses are able to detect IoT device breaches

January 15, 2019 / iottechnews

A study conducted by Dutch software firm Gemalto reveals that only 48% of the businesses in the world are able to detect if any of their IoT devices suffers a breach. The survey, which was conducted among 950 IT and business decision makers across the globe, found that organisations are urging governments to get involved to solve this problem, with 79% are calling for vigorous guidelines on IoT security, and 59% are looking for clarification on who could be the sole responsible party for protecting the IoT in such cases. Though many governments have ratified or introduced regulations specific to the IoT security, 95% of the businesses believe that there should be a uniform regulation in place. Jason Hart, CTO, data protection at Gemalto, said: “Given the increase in the number of IoT-enabled devices, it’s extremely worrying to see that businesses still can’t detect if they have been breached. With no consistent regulation guiding the industry, it’s no surprise t...