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Level 11 Tech adviser Robert Williams shares tips for online security

June 25, 2019 / Consultancy.asia

Robert Williams, the Chief Technology Adviser for Philippines-based digital and cyber-defence consultancy Level 11 Tech, has shared his tips on-line security basics. During a recent showcase event in Manila hosted by local IT services and consultancy Level 11 Tech, the firm’s Chief Technology Adviser Robert Williams gave an overview of the modern cybersecurity and data privacy landscape – noting that the most common cyber-attacks against SMEs are through ransomware, phishing and malware, with over 90 percent of cases delivered by e-mail. Indeed, according to statistics provided by the firm, while nearly 80 percent of people surveyed claim to know the risks associated with unknown links, many still commonly click on them. This increasingly blasé attitude to online security is contrary to the growing sophistication of attackers, and with SMEs – which are typically ill-equipped and under-resourced to deal with a breach – being ever more targeted, the first l...