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Lockheed Launches New Weapons Cybersecurity Strategy

August 13, 2019 / SYDNEY J. FREEDBERG JR

As the military rushes to shore up cybersecurity on the F-35 and other high-tech weapons, Lockheed Martin rolled out a new cybersecurity initiative this morning. Pooling best practices from across the company’s weapons programs, the effort includes a growing database with “hundreds” of requirements and metrics for assessing them, a step-by-step how-to guide for Lockheed cyber staff, and a trademarked Cyber Resiliency Level framework to sum it all up. The 2016 National Defense Authorization Act required that all weapons begin to be assessed for cyber vulnerabilities, and the 2019 bill kept pressing the effort ahead. Breaking D readers know that Raytheon won contracts to ensure cyber safety for the F-15 and C-130 fleets. But implementing new cybersecurity standards is just the beginning of a much more complex process, Lockheed execs argue, a process in which their deep knowledge of specific weapons systems is vital.