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Los Angeles Launches Cybersecurity System To Detect Malicious Emails

September 17, 2019 / City News Service

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced L.A. Cyber Lab’s new Threat Intelligence Sharing Platform, as well as a free mobile app that will help people detect malicious email. Garcetti said this makes Los Angeles the first city in the nation to release a publicly available threat-sharing platform and cybersecurity app. “Public safety in the 21st century isn’t just about protecting our physical streets and neighborhoods, we need to protect the digital presence that is part of everyday life for our residents and businesses,” Garcetti said. “The Threat Intelligence Sharing Platform and mobile app will advance the L.A. Cyber Lab’s work that has made our city a national cyber security model, all while better defending Angelenos from cyber threats.” The Cyber Lab is a public-private partnership, nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the public and businesses from cyber threats by facilitating and promoting innovation, education and inf...