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MagentoCore Most Prolific Skimmer Campaign

September 04, 2018 / Kacy Zurkus

Online retailers and consumers alike need to heed caution when making credit card purchases. Magento, a global e-commerce platform has been targeted by a single group planting skimmer on individual stores, according to security researcher William de Groot. In the past six months, 7,339 individual stores have fallen victim to the online skimming campaign in which the identity and credit card information of consumers is stolen while they shop, making the MagentoCore skimmer the most successful to date, said de Groot. “No campaign has been so prolific as the MagentoCore.net skimmer," he said. "The MagentoCore skimmers gain illicit access to the control panel of an e-commerce site, often with brute force techniques (automatically trying lots of passwords, sometimes for months). Once they succeed, an embedded piece of JavaScript is added to the HTML template."