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Massive SPOILER vulnerability affects Intel CPUs

March 06, 2019 / Sead Fadilpasic

Another major security vulnerability is affecting Intel processors, experts have warned. SPOILER was detected by researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts and the University of Lübeck in Germany, and could be even more dangerous that the infamous Spectre vulnerability. The new flaw bears some similarities to Spectre, allowing attackers to exploit the way the PC’s memory works to glimpse data from running programs and potentially other critical data which should otherwise not be accessible. However the team notes that, “Spoiler is not a Spectre attack." "The root cause for Spoiler is a weakness in the address speculation of Intel’s proprietary implementation of the memory subsystem which directly leaks timing behavior due to physical address conflicts," the paper adds. "Existing spectre mitigations would therefore not interfere with Spoiler.” In order to fully infect a system, Spoiler would first need to gain a footh...