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Meet the $1 Billion Startup Busting Cybersecurity's Greatest Myth

November 22, 2016 / Will Yakowicz

Here's what happened when a former McAfee executive started a cybersecurity software firm and told customers the truth. In 2011, cybersecurity researcher and entrepreneur Stuart McClure spent his last year working at McAfee, as the company's global chief technology officer, apologizing a lot. McClure said hackers were slipping into McAfee customer networks and each subsequent breach seemed worse than the last. McClure would have to meet with each of the big McAfee corporate customers to explain why the software failed and at the end of each meeting someone would ask McClure the same question: "'What type of security software do you use on your machine to prevent cyber attacks?'" The customers would then wait, pens poised above a piece of paper to jot down the long list of layer after layer of high-end software that the global CTO of a multimillion-dollar security company would surely recommend. But McClure would have to tell them his dirty secret