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Microsegmentation and Isolation: 2 Essential Strategies in Zero-Trust Security

November 06, 2019 / David Canellos

The headlines over the past few years have been consistent – enterprises are pouring more and more money into cybersecurity countermeasures. Indications are that 2020 will be no different, with reports that nearly three quarters of CISOs plan to ask their CFOs for increased cybersecurity investment next year.The CISOs I speak with are increasingly turning their investments towards improved prevention techniques versus remediation approaches. Its not that they’re not looking to improve orchestration and automation to deal with security incidents, but they are doubling down on trying to prevent incidents from occurring in the first place (or lessening their impact at the very least). In terms of lessening impact, microsegmentation is an important theme that many groups are pursuing, and in the improved prevention realm, I am seeing organizations place bets on isolation technology.