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Microsoft Azure Security Lab will Offer Cybersecurity Researchers a New Guinea Pig

August 12, 2019 / News18

Microsoft has introduced the Azure Security Lab -- a dedicated customer-safe Cloud environment, at the Black Hat USA 2019 conference which convened here this week. The Azure Security Lab is a set of dedicated Cloud hosts, aimed at allowing security researchers to aggressively test attacks against infrastructure-as-a-service scenarios. It also allows participants to identify research vulnerabilities in Azure and do their best to emulate criminal hackers, according to Microsoft, Xinhua news agency reported. In addition to offering a secure testing space, the lab programme will enable participating security researchers to engage directly with Microsoft Azure security experts. Researchers will not only research vulnerabilities in Azure, they can also attempt to exploit them, according to the tech giant. Applications to join the Azure Security Lab are open, with Microsoft offering researchers up to $300,000 dollars if they can hack its Azure public-Cloud infrastructure, according to Microso...