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Microsoft Doubles Bug Bounty, Opens Azure Security Lab

August 06, 2019 / Jessica Lyons Hardcastle

Microsoft doubled down on cloud security at this week’s Black Hat event in Las Vegas with the launch of Azure Security Lab, a set of dedicated cloud hosts for white hat hackers to research vulnerabilities in Azure and try to exploit them, and the announcement that it is doubling its Azure bug bounties to $40,000 per vulnerability. The bug-bounty program includes new scenario-based challenges with bounties up to $300,000 for specific challenges in Azure Security Lab and Microsoft said it will offer $2 million in rewards for participants throughout the year. It’s also accepting applications to join the Azure Security Lab. Security researchers can fill out a survey and request a Windows or Linux virtual machine. In addition to offering a secure testing space, the new Azure lab program will give participants access to Azure security experts. This will include access to quarterly campaigns for targeted scenarios “with added incentives,” fame, and fortune — or, ...