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Most Security Pros Are Impacted by Geopolitics

March 26, 2019 / Phil Muncaster

Two-thirds of cybersecurity professionals have been forced to change where and with whom they do business because of escalating concerns around nation state attacks, according to Tripwire. The security vendor polled 218 security professionals at the RSA Conference in San Francisco recently and found that geopolitical trends are exerting a surprisingly big influence on their roles. It reflects an age in which technology providers like Huawei are being branded a security risk because of their links to hostile states, while state-sponsored attackers target both government and private sector organizations to steal sensitive information and cause disruption. "It’s becoming clear that simply stating ‘we’re not a target’ isn’t a sufficient defense against these attacks. The interconnectedness of the modern economy means that our mental model of what constitutes critical infrastructure has become outdated," Tripwire VP of strategy, Tim Erlin, told Infose...