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Mozilla Improves Privacy, Security in Firefox 65

February 05, 2019 / eWeek

Today’s topics include Mozilla improving privacy controls in Firefox 65, and IBM warning of an Apple Siri Shortcut risk. Mozilla released its first web browser update for 2019 on Jan. 29, with the debut of Firefox 65, which improves a number of features and advances user privacy as part of Mozilla's larger effort to enhance tracking protection for web users. Mozilla is integrating redesigned controls in the updated browser release to enable users to more easily identify and set the level of privacy protection they want. The "Standard" mode will only block known trackers when a user is running a private window. The "Strict" mode will block all trackers that Firefox detects, which might result in some sites not working properly. The "Custom" mode gives user the choice of what they want to block, including different trackers and cookies. Mozilla has also improved the Task Manager page in Firefox 65, providing better visibility into how memory is bei...