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Mozilla Patched 16 Security Flaws With Thunderbird 60.7

May 26, 2019 / Abeerah Hashim

Mozilla has rolled-out the latest release of their Thunderbird email client with numerous security fixes. This month’s update carries the biggest number of security fixes amongst all previous Thunderbird releases in 2019. Allegedly, Thunderbird 60.7 brings patches for 16 different security flaws with severity levels. High-Severity Patches With Thunderbird 60.7. This week, Mozilla released Thunderbird 60.7 version for the users. This version addresses 13 different high-severity flaws. Among these, a timing attack vulnerability (CVE-2019-9815) could affect Mac users in particular. To avail the patch for it, users must ensure upgrading to macOS 10.14.5. Another vulnerability (CVE-2019-11693) could specifically target Linux users as buffer overflow could affect bufferdata function in WebGL. The latest Thunderbird also fixed 5 use-after-free flaws in various components, a type confusion vulnerability demonstrated with UnboxedObjects (CVE-2019-9816), and numerous others. It also patche...