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MPs Hit by Phishing Campaign: Report

February 06, 2019 / Phil Muncaster

MPs have been targeted by a new phishing campaign after a government whip’s accounts were hacked, according to reports. Tory MP Mike Freer told BuzzFeed News that the "parliamentary authorities are currently investigating" following the incident. According to the report, dozens of MPs were added to a WhatsApp group named “Hack warning 1” by an account linked to Freer’s personal mobile phone number. The MPs left the group swiftly, followed by Freer’s number. In a Facebook update to friends, he hinted that his email account had also been compromised. “If anyone receives a text asking them to download a viber so we can have a secure call please ignore and delete. I’ve been hacked. Ditto for any email suggesting I need overseas contacts for a government payment. Delete," it noted. The Whips’ Office subsequently sent an alert warning of a “malicious hack that accesses your contacts list and sends texts and emails to all yo...