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Netenrich Announces an Integrated Threat and Attack Surface Intelligence Offering to Help Enterprises Reduce Their Digital Brand Exposure

July 31, 2020 / PR Newswire

Netenrich, a Resolution Intelligence company, today announced an integrated Threat and Attack Surface Intelligence offering to help enterprises reduce their digital brand exposure while overcoming skills gaps. Two new products, Knowledge Now (KNOW), a free global threat intelligence tool, and Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) combine to deliver rich, actionable context for faster, more proactive response to known and emerging cyber threats. KNOW and ASI address growing risk and alert fatigue that IT and SecOps professionals face on a daily basis. ASI lets security teams continuously see what adversaries see as they target brand exposure and shadow IT vulnerabilities. KNOW provides global threat information that lets analysts learn about, search, and gain rich context into malicious activity up to 15x faster.