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New Grab-and-Go Stealer Is Making Waves

April 09, 2019 / Kacy Zurkus

Researchers suspect that a new stealer malware dubbed Baldr, first detected in January, has incorporated three known threat actors, according to Malwarebytes. In today's blog post, researchers said that Baldr has earned positive reviews on Russian hacking forums for its use of three threat actors: Agressor for distribution, Overdot for sales and promotion and LordOdin for development. However, it’s not only among Russian hackers that the new malware is making waves. n our analysis of Baldr, we collected a few different versions, indicating that the malware has short development cycles. The latest version analyzed for this post is version 2.2, announced March 20,” wrote researchers William Tsing, Vasilios Hioureas, and Jérôme Segura. Typically, banking Trojans need a user to log into their bank’s website, but these grab-and-go stealers are different from traditional banking Trojans because they are largely able to steal information without the victims ...