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New Jersey Counties Prepare Election Day Cybersecurity

September 12, 2019 / Business Wire

(TNS) — Representatives from Monmouth County, N.J., saw the prompt asking what would happen if their Twitter accounts and websites had been hacked and were giving out incorrect information to voters about polling times. They knew exactly what page of their manual to turn to solve the problem. Election representatives from all of New Jersey’s 21 counties practiced their emergency election preparedness skills Tuesday in an all-day seminar hosted by the New Jersey Division of Elections and the Department of Homeland Security. Officials gathered to go through practice scenarios of various election emergencies that could happen before, during or after a local or federal election. “So many of our people here who are participating have been working since the election with superstorm Sandy and we’ve been working toward this goal of being ready for something like this for many, many years,” said Monmouth County Clerk Christine Hanlon.