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Nokia’s Software Biz Is Firmly Rooted in Silicon Valley

November 28, 2018 / Sue Marek

Nokia is making its presence in Silicon Valley a bit more prominent with the addition of a new corporate campus in Sunnvale, California. Although the campus won’t be ready until the first half of 2020, the company’s intent is to bring together its 1,000 or so employees that are currently scattered throughout Mountain View, Sunnyvale, and San Jose, California. The goal, according to Ricky Corker, president of customer operations for Nokia’s Americas region, is not only to consolidate its offices but also to get more engaged in the whole Silicon Valley ecosystem, particularly as the company evolves its business to be more focused on software. “We are consolidating so we can build a more concentrated brand here in the valley,” Corker said. “Our legacy real estate doesn’t fit our culture.”