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Norwegian industry and state must combine to counter cyber threats

May 16, 2019 / Gerard O'Dwyer

Norway has been targeted by two large ransomware attacks in recent months – and public and private organisations must react in a coordinated way. Norway’s leading private and publicly owned companies are deepening their collaborative cyber defence relationship with national security agencies in the wake of two massive ransomware attacks on Norway-based businesses. The Norsk Hydro attackers demanded a ransom of €51m to “disinfect” the group’s global IT systems of malware. This followed a similar attack on Norwegian software company Visma last autumn. The attack on Norsk Hydro’s core IT infrastructure caused serious disruption to its administration systems and key production areas. The financial cost of the attack is still being assessed, but an early estimate by the part state-owned group indicates that the final bill could exceed €46m. Norsk Hydro’s preliminary cost analysis is based on profit margins on lost output and the need to sh...